Intelligent Industrial Automation

What we do

Viroteq develops and supplies intelligent automation solutions for applications in the industry. By combining our knowledge within the AgriFood together with the latest technologies in the field of vision, robotics and AI, we are able to offer new automation solutions and improve existing production processes in terms of product quality, production costs and efficiency.


Flexible robots and grippers that act on the basis of strong control models are able to automate all repetitive actions.

Machine Vision

By using the various combined camera techniques, all required information can become available by visual inspection.


Deep learning

With the latest technologies in the field of deep learning, existing processes can be automated in a smart way.

Our products

For an optimal implementation of automation projects including robotics and vision technology, we offer various products that support the achievement of the maximum efficiency & performance from these solutions.

RVib Robot Vision Integerated backbone
Smart palletizing solutions
3D vision data handling

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