The use of flexible intelligent robot, vision and data techniques generate new possibilities for optimizing existing processes
and make it possible to automate repetitive actions in almost every industry.

Smart palletising in logistics processes

Using an integrated system, packages can be scanned for barcode, after which they are automatically stacked on the correct pallet by robots. Our applied intelligence using self-learning algorithms makes it possible to process all different types and sizes of packages, increasing the amount of packages that fit on one pallet.

The system automatically learns new types and forms of packages and is therefore fully flexible for every palletising situation.


Bin picking and packing in the processing industry

Processing processes where different types and sizes of objects are used in flexible situations, require automation solutions that can perform these operations with the same flexibility. Bin-picking and bin-packing is a frequently seen example of this.

Door onze kennis van verschillende grijptechnieken te combineren met onze slimme 3D camera technieken, leveren we de technologie om dit volautomatisch en flexibel te doen. De software kan hierbij met elke denkbare situatie omgaan en optimaliseert zichzelf aan de hand van elke uitgevoerd actie.


Quality control and inspection in the Agri-food

Human inspection is still the most important form of quality assurance in many processes today. With the current state of technology, many of these inspections can be automated, whereby we can constantly inspect and measure with different camera techniques. By using combined multi-spectral camera techniques in 2D & 3D and powerful software algorithms, we are able to surpass the human eye and thereby implement process improvements.

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